6 Common SEO Mistakes 2017 – You have to fix this – must read!

Common SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimization is a means of increasing traffic to a website. However, when trying out search engine optimization for the first time, there is sure to be some Common mistakes that will occur. Though there are quite a number of common SEO mistakes, there are some common SEO mistakes that many people do.

Common SEO Mistakes

Common SEO Mistakes

  1. The gravest mistake that can be done in SEO is ignoring the title tag. In fact, you will be bringing an end to any hopes of success in SEO by forgetting the title tag. This is because the search engines always display the matter that is found in the title tag. This is why it is important that the most important keywords of your website be found in the title tag. So never leave the title tag empty, or use irrelevant words in it like ‘home page’ or ‘this is our website’.
  2. It is a known fact that keywords decide the fate of a website. However, it is important that you choose the right and appropriate keywords to be used on a website. You don’t have to use all of the main keywords on the internet, in your website. The keywords should have some relation to its meaning and to the content of your website. Just because football is a famous keyword, does not mean you have to use it on your website for baking cakes. When a person types the word football on a search engine, he or she hopes to get some information on football, and not on baking cakes!
  3. There are some webmasters who make the Common SEO Mistakes of repeating the same keywords unnecessarily on the website. Another name for this practice is spamming, where the keywords are used repeatedly in the title tag, body matter and in the Meta tags. This is done with the intention of artificially increasing their website ranking, but in fact, end up only lowering their website. This is because search engines are shrewd enough to find out spamming sites, and thus lower their ranking. In fact, there are some search engines that may even ban your site because of spamming. So it is advised to never spam sites with repeated keywords.
  4. One of the oldest tricks webmasters use is cheating search engines by using invisible text and links. With this trick, the web page is stuffed with keywords and links that are basically invisible to the reader. However, these keywords and links are very much visible to the search engines. This was effective some time back; but today, the search engines have the capacity to find out this trick. If you are found committing this trick, the search engine immediately ignores your website. In fact, some major search engines even place a perpetual ban on the website.
  5. Linking to and from the website is a part of search engine optimization. However, when opting for linking, it is important that you choose to link with good sites with a better ranking. It is of no point opting for links from sites with low rankings or the sites that are banned as they will be of no value to your site. In fact, linking with these sites will prove to be harmful to your SEO rankings.
  6. Another Common SEO Mistakes is webmasters commit in SEO is using wrong HTML codes for the site. They don’t check on the HTML code of their site, and fare badly even with optimized content on the site. With an error in HTML code, the website takes a longer time to load and will end up low in search engine rankings. In fact, there is also the possibility of the site not appearing appropriately in different browsers. So make it a point to check with the HTML code of the site, before submitting your website.

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