Create a SEO report forms a significant part of the whole SEO process, it is significant for you to create a full report of your website before going ahead with Search Engine Optimization. Hence, if you too are aiming to get enhanced Search Engine ranking of your website, here is assist for you in the form of guidelines to produce a complete SEO Report.

Go through the details to know the exact reports to include for proper optimization and also study about the variety of aspects involved in preparing an effective SEO Report for your website.SEO Report

Title Tag Report

To begin with, you have to be acquainted with about the Title Tag. It is crucial, both from the readability as well as the SEO perspective. You can compare the title tag with a person’s name. Basically, the tag carries important information about a web page. Each and every web page has a definite title that is in line with/coherent with the content of the page. On the whole, the title is included within a Title Tag.

Meta-Tag Report

Coming to the next aspect, Meta Tag Keyword Report is one of most vital components of Search Engine Optimization. Especially with older search engine robots that are totally dependent on meta-tags and keywords, as they assist the robots to search information about a webpage. The meta-tags and keywords play an important role even with the modern search engine robots, helping them detect the most suitable page for a specific keyword.

Although you do not have specific guidelines for the number of keywords that can be included, over utilizing of keywords is not recommended at all as it can jeopardize the websites position in SERPS.

Meta Tag Description Report

Meta Tag Description Report is another fundamental facet of SEO. This basically contains short details of the page and should never be exaggerated.

Body Text Report

The body text, as the name suggests, represents the body of any web page that is the content set between tags. An important thing for you to note here is that it is not possible for engine robots to see the page in same manner as human eyes do. The robots follow an explicit order for reading the pages. This is what makes the body text so important and you should be careful about it. You need to know that a proper SEO report should produce the body content and illustrate it.

H1 & H2 Tags

The H1 tags must contain the main keyword of that page as the search engines also give importance to them. Further, the position of the H1 tag is also important. Although the H2 tag is optional, it can be helpful to have the tag at times.

Most of the SEO Report generating tools are commercial, however, you should look for free tools to help you out in your venture.

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