God named Google behaves mysteriously. I recently met a webmaster who was all happy until one bad day when he found that the PageRank(another called PR Rank) of his site was reduced from 3 to 1, and he grieved as if the pagerank was the sole reason for his survival which was now at stake. This is what anybody would have done. When your site loses PR value, you suddenly begin to think how to get back your PR . My advise is to focus on your business instead of Google.pagerank

Because that will automatically make your site richer and a contender for a higher PR. You need to understand a few facts about the Google PR system, after which I hope you’ll be relieved to know that life has not ended after all.

How to increase PageRank

  • PageRank is the relative importance of your site in comparision to other sites; it is not an absolute guage of your site. This is the reason why your Google PR changes even when you don’t change anything on your site. So if your pagerank decreases, it means that Google thinks that your site is less important in comparision to the sites with higher page rank. A simple logic is that if there are two sites with the same pagerank, and google thinks one of the sites is actually better, the only way to recognise this is to change the pagerank of one of them – to either increase the PR of the better site, or to decrease the PR of the other site.


  • PageRank is a function of inbound links. It is simply a measure on a scale of 10 of how important is your page considered by other websites. The more links pointing to your site with similar content and good pagerank, the better your pagerank. So if some of the sites who were linking to you have removed the links, it could result in pagerank drop. This is sometimes a natural process, as people may link and remove links at their will.


  • Sometimes google might have just made a mistake by giving you a high pagerank, which got corrected. A typical case could be that if you suddenly have several good quality backlinks, the algo would give you a good pagerank, but will correct itself over a period of time which can be years.


  • Google PR is not the only thing that determines the search rankings. If that was the case, all search results would appear sorted by pagerank in descending order. In most cases, an increase or a decrease in the Google PR has little to no effect on the search ranking position. This is because stable rankings are changed only over a long period, and over long periods new inbound links compensate for the lost links, if any. There are several factors that affect the search rankings. Among them are age of the site, content of the page, number of direct visits to the site (this is arguable), frequency of changes in the content, overall site content (not just the page content), quality of backlinks (Google PR and content of the pages linking to your site), amount of time spent by visitors on your site.

The point is, world is not over by a drop in PageRank. Google PR is just like the diploma or degree certificate you have which shows how qualified you are. If your site has suffered a drop in Google PR, the outbound links from your site will be considered less important, GoogleBot might visit you less frequently; apart from that, your life should go on as usual.

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