Have you been online searching for plugins lately? You can find literally hundreds of thousands of them available to you. But knowing which ones to use for your blog becomes very frustrating. Even worse is downloading and installing WordPress plugin onto your blog and not knowing their purpose or how to use them. But by following these five valuable guidelines will help you choose the right plugins to install and implement with your WordPress blog.WordPress Plugin

A plugin’s purpose is to add custom utilities and features to your WordPress blog beyond its basic functions and generic appearance. Plugins help make WordPress powerful because there’s a plugin for just about every application. However just because of the vast number of plugins available, doesn’t mean you should download and install every one you find. So how do you choose?

Start by identifying a need. If you want a specific feature or function for your WordPress blog, then search for a plugin to meet that need, not beforehand. Keep in mind that each person has different needs. So you could have plugins that are different than what someone else has or recommends. Just installing plugins to your blog that work for them might not be a good idea for you.

Know Your Plugins. Make sure the purpose for a WordPress plugin is known before you download and install it. This will make it easier for you to choose the right one when you begin your search. Without a purpose, your chances for selecting and installing a wrong or unnecessary plugin are high and it then becomes a total waste of your time. Even worse, unneeded plugins could slow down your blog or cause other problems like not being compatible or in conflict with another plugin or theme on your blog. So don’t just blindly install a plugin unless it is filling a need.

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Plugin updates. Every time you upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, there’s a good chance that one or more of your installed plugins could stop working. Usually the more popular plugin developers know about the latest WordPress revision and offer plugin upgrades very quickly. But not all plugin developers do this which can leave you dead in the water. When this happens, your can hopefully find a similar updated plugin that works the same way your outdated plugin used to work.

Having Too Many Plugins. Even though there’s no set limit to the number of plugins you can have running on your WordPress platform at one time, just use the plugins that you really need. Otherwise each additional plugin require more resources to load your site and can really slow down your blog’s loading time.

Plugins enhance the functionality of WordPress. They help make WordPress powerful because there’s a plugin for just about any application. It’s so important to know what you want. Once you have identified a need for your site, searching for a plugin is easier. But with so many plugins to choose from, it becomes overwhelming to know which ones to use. And with the vast number of site offering WordPress plugin you just don’t have time to search every one. That’s why I recommend checking out the Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugin to help you select the right plugins for your blog that you can use today.

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