This is true, but the majority of social news websites are BAD for it. The reason is simple: after lots of social news portals appeared on the market, they started to be heavily used for promotion of all types of content – good and bad.Social News Websites

Hence, these social news networks reacted to the spam and introduced different mechanisms to cut off cheaters from their networks. Unfortunately, most of the social news portals did it in a very lame and unprofessional way. With these measures they have cut off good users as well as bad, and made the process of news submitting very user-unfriendly.

I decided to run a research on the market of social news websites and have investigated around 50 social news sites – out of which I came up with only 5 sites that are really great in helping you to make the rest of the world learn about quality content on your site and blog.

Before you read the list, I would like to explain what criteria I used to select the sites:

Multi niche social news portals
I do not have anything against niche social networks, but people with site and blogs from different niches will be reading this post, that is why I focused on the networks that will work for all.

User friendly news submission
This is a big problem. Trying to fight spam most of the networks have introduced severe precautions. For example, moderation before publishing. I have nothing against it, but when this moderation needs up to 48 hours to get my news published – this is a waste. For example, I am running a news line from poker event and need to make my info get give several times a day, for a few days in a row.

Do you imagine how I can do that with this moderation? My first news will be published only after the whole poker event is over! That is why it’s a waste.

I believe and will prove it by the end of the post that there are networks that handle spam and violations effectively without any prior news moderations.

Do follow on outgoing links
For me, this is not a must. But it is a great SEO boost when every news you create gives you an extra backlink. This is just great! Though, once again, this is not the decisive factor to consider.

Self promotion allowed
Many sites say – “no self promotion.” By this they mean that you cannot publish news about your sites and blogs. I am against it. I understand that news should be news, not a blatant promo. By the way, those who try to use promos in news never see great traffic. But it is absolutely insane to prohobit me to let the rest of the world know about important news worthy info on my site or blog.

So, having taking these factors into account, I came up with the list of these 5 social news websites that fit my criteria for spreading the word about content.

Social News Websites

1. – social news portal has one tiny disadvantage – it does not allow you doing news submissions in a row: it creates gaps of 5-7 minutes between every new submission. But this is handable – in my experience I never had published news faster ūüôā And it helps to fight bots, which is a good example of fighting against spam.

2. – social news portal

3. – social news portal

One issue about – it takes some time before you see your news published. But this does not mean that the site is banning you, it just needs some time to get it before the eyes of other readers.

4. – social news portal

5. – the last, but not the least! – social news portal

Up to now this market giant is my favorite, and not only because it’s big. is a great example how it is possible to fight spammy promotion news, without making the whole submission process tough and user-unfriendly. If your post gets many bad comments or downgrades from the readers, it will get reviewed by a human being/moderator and – in case you break the rules – your account gets closed.

This is how it shold be done! When this post is read by some of the “other” social news networks owners or administrators, please take the suggestion into account. Otherwise with unprofessional restrictions you make it VERY HARD to show the rest of the world worthy info in a quick and easy way.

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